Prairie Performance will…

Create a TEAM training atmosphere that is built on positive relationships between athletes, coaches, and the community designed to foster personal growth in all of our kids!

2. Increase athletic participation by developing universal training language and practices for all athletes in all sports. Therefore, giving student-athletes confidence that they are being prepared for all athletic opportunities and not specifically trained for one sport.  

3.  Improve the performance of all athletes and teams by working together to implement common practices for year-round preparation in the areas of strength, speed and flexibility.

Minimize the risk of athletic injuries by teaching and implementing proper training techniques and processes in all phases of preparation and performance, in and out-of-season.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the training techniques used in the program?

What is Prairie Performance?
Prairie's year-round strength and conditioning training program to engage kids in a process of personal growth, improvement of athletic performance, and minimization of injury.

Why was it developed?
Our goal was to provide a welcoming, structured, universal program to train 9th-12th boys and girls.

Who developed the training process?
The program and process were developed and are maintained by the professional staff of Performance Therapies. 

Who is involved in the program?
All Prairie coaches, 9th-12th, and PE staff work with the professional strength staff of Performance Therapies to implement the training sessions.  Our Prairie Booster Club provides the financial support to make the program possible.

Does my kids' coach use this program?
YES!  All coaches of all sports are expected to implement this program during their season and are responsible for ensuring their kids are participating in the out-of-season program.  

Why do we do it?
We want all kids to learn how to properly prepare themselves to perform at their best.  In addition, we want kids to participate in multiple sports so consistent training techniques across sports are necessary to support the development of multi-sport athletes. 

When did it begin?
In the 2010-11 school year our coaches led an effort to work with Performance Therapies to implement this program with our female athletes.  The following year (11-12) the program also included our male athletes.  

Does it work?
Absolutely YES!  There are thousands of data points to demonstrate that the program, if followed with fidelity, provides improvement in performance.

What programs are offered?
Year-round strength training:
1.  10th-12th grade kids have the opportunity to participate in the strength and conditioning course during the academic day and earn PE credit.  The Prairie Performance program serves as the curriculum for those classes which is implemented by the PHS PE staff.
2.  9th grade students as well as those 10th-12th grade students not in a S & C PE course have the opportunity to strength train on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 4:00 PM in the HS weight room.

Year-round agility training 
1.  Three six-week sessions (fall, winter, spring) that precede the upcoming season so for example the fall agility session precedes the winter season by six weeks so winter kids are prepared for their season to begin.
2.   One four week session is offered in the summer.  The summer session is fee-based but kids with financial needs may receive a scholarship to cover the cost of the fee.

Contact for Further Information:    

Activities Director Rocky Bennett